Issue #6: Align Your Career with Your Values: Finding Fulfillment and Purpose

Mar 27, 2023

Status quo

You've been successful in your career, but you feel like something is missing. You want your work to have a deeper meaning and purpose. Perhaps you're craving a job that allows you to make a positive impact in the world, or maybe you want to pursue a passion that you've put on hold for too long. Whatever the reason may be, you're ready for a change, and you're willing to explore new opportunities and take risks to find fulfillment in your professional life.

A Different Take

"If you define success based on what you achieve, rather than on who you are and what you're striving for, then you can lose sight of the importance of what you're doing and end up feeling like a failure despite your achievements." - Ray Dalio, Principles

The Shift

Embrace a radical transparency approach to your personal and professional life, and align your work with your core values and principles.

Once you have identified your core values and principles, take some time to evaluate how well your current career aligns with them. Are you able to use your skills and talents to contribute to something that is meaningful and fulfilling? If not, consider exploring opportunities to transition into a career that aligns more closely with your values.

Don't be afraid to seek out mentors and advisors who can guide you in this process. They may be able to offer valuable insights and perspectives that can help you make the best decisions for yourself and your future.

Remember, the path to a fulfilling career is not always straightforward or easy, but with perseverance, self-reflection, and a commitment to your core values and principles, you can create a life and career that truly aligns with who you are and what you stand for.

Two ways Separation Playbook can help you:

If you're feeling stuck in a position that doesn't align with your vision. You know it's time for a change, but don't know where to start:
  ▻ Self Scouting Primer Course will take you through a process to detach from the status quo and re-imagine success that aligns with your unique strengths, values, and vision.

If you feel the success you're chasing doesn't make room for 100% of you, and you're ready to start building success that fulfills you:
  ▻ Self Scout OS is a personal operating system to help you become more intentional about how you invest in yourself and your vision to achieve success that aligns with your vision.



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