Marques Colston Unveils Purpose-Driven Media Platform to Inspire Business Professionals to Thrive and Sustain Success Through Personal and Professional Development

Sep 01, 2022

(PHILADELPHIA, PA) August 25, 2022 – Super Bowl Champion, Business Advisor and Visionary Marques Colston is regarded as one of the best receiving talents of all time, leaving a lasting impact on the NFL. Over the course of his career, Colston has activated a variety of businesses and strategic partnerships across technology, health & wellness and sports. Today, Marques Colston announces the launch of "Separation Playbook", a media platform that synergizes Colston's passion for financial empowerment, education and his personal mission to guide professionals to experience sustained success over their careers.

“The reality is most professionals have dealt with limitations and perceptions that curb their ability to succeed,” said Colston. “My journey is validation that with the right mindset and strategies you can build sustained success that transcends external limitations.”

Separation Playbook is creating a new model of value creation and meaningful impact for corporate leaders, athletes, entrepreneurs, and recent graduates with on-demand professional enrichment courses, guest contributors and value-added multimedia content inspired by the methodology developed over Marques' record-breaking, decade-long NFL career. “Creating separation” is the mindset and maneuver Colston used to gain competitive advantages, win more battles, outpace his competitors and achieve seemingly impossible odds - on the field and off. This serves as the basis of the Separation Playbook’s mission to build strategies to unlock creativity and possibility. 

Following his retirement from the New Orleans Saints in 2016, Colston naturally pivoted his focus to work as a venture investor and strategic business advisor, building a business portfolio to include dozens of investments, partnerships, and advisory roles that mirrored his personal mission. Colston partnered with the prestigious Columbia Business School to launch Venture Investing and Entrepreneurship for Professional Athletes, an executive education program teaching current and former professional athletes the business acumen and investment skills to successfully pursue venture opportunities.

Marques has since expanded his wraparound approach by leaning into education and personal development by partnering with the New Orleans-based non-profit organization, Son of a Saint, Corporate Internship Leadership Institute (CILI), and the University of New Orleans, as a leadership adjunct professor and co-investigator of an Urban Entrepreneurship grant, funded by the John Templeton Foundation, signaling the next chapter in his pursuit to fill the educational and financial knowledge gaps for individuals in underrepresented communities.

With the debut of Separation Playbook, Colston brings the core pillars that have been foundational to his personal and professional success to revitalize business leaders and organizations across the U.S. From dedicated coaching courses to in-depth interviews, Colston continues to leverage his platform to inspire and enable professionals to thrive.

Separation Playbook Launch Date: Thursday, September 8, 2022

For more information about Separation Playbook, visit and @separationplaybook on Instagram.

About Marques Colston
Marques Colston is a Super Bowl champion and the founder of Marques Colston Enterprises, a professional development services company, which empowers organizations and growth-minded individuals to unlock creativity and possibility and experience sustainable business success. For more about Marques, Visit:

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