Replay: Separation Playbook Launch Event, A Fireside Chat with Marques Colston

Sep 12, 2022

Super Bowl Champion, Business Advisor and Visionary Marques Colston is regarded as one of the best receiving talents of all time, leaving a lasting impact on the NFL. Over the course of his career, Colston has activated a variety of businesses and strategic partnerships across technology, health & wellness and sports. Today, Marques Colston announces the launch of "Separation Playbook", a media platform that synergizes Colston's passion for financial empowerment, education and his personal mission to guide professionals to experience sustained success over their careers.

Watch our host Jason Walker, Brand Architect for Marques Colston Enterprises, as he leads a fireside chat with Marques discussing Separation Playbook's new model of value creation and meaningful impact for corporate leaders, athletes, entrepreneurs, and recent graduates.



Two ways Separation Playbook can help you:
  1. If you're feeling stuck in a position that doesn't align with your vision, and you know it's time to shift your paradigm:
     Take the Self Scouting Challenge which uses the process I've built to detach from the status quo and re-imagine success that aligns with unique strengths, values, and vision.

  2. If you feel the success you're chasing doesn't fulfill you, and you're ready to start building a that matters to you:
    The Legacy OS is the personal operating system to become more intentional about how you invest in yourself and your vision to achieve success that leaves a mark.



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