Self Scout 101: A Proven Process to Unlock Your True Talent

More than just an ebook - it's a repeatable process that will change your trajectory.

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Unlock the Power of Self Discovery

Self Scouting 101: Insights to unlock your ideal path forward

This exclusive eBook, crafted by Marques Colston, is your guide on a journey of self discovery and empowerment that will position your for the success you seek. It's an an opportunity to unlock the greatness that lies dormant within you.

Inside, you'll find a deep exploration of self-discovery, packed with practical exercises designed to help you identify your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. But that's not all! You'll also get early access to our personal operating system - Self Scout OS, your trusty companion for guiding your self-discovery and goal setting.

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Dive into the Self Scouting process and begin a transformative journey of self-discovery. Our 'Name Your Price' promotion reflects our belief in the value this process can add to your personal growth journey. Pay what you believe the knowledge and insights within are worth to you:

In-depth exploration of self-discovery

Understand the power of self-awareness and its pivotal role in shaping your path to success

Interactive Self-Assessment Tools

Practical exercises designed identify your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities

Sustainable Growth Strategies

Consistently set goals and priorities that unlock with your deepest aspirations

Exclusive Preview of Self Scout OS

Early access to out personal operating system to guide your self discovery + goal setting

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"The Self Scout 101 ebook isn't just a collection of cookie cutter concepts and ideas. It's a reflection of my experiences; the key insights I've gathered, through success and failure, and the wisdom I've gained from each new role and the transformation required to thrive. Self Scouting is a decade-long journey, synthesized into a repeatable, adaptable process.

My goal in sharing these insights with you is to provide a an adaptable and repeatable process to put yourself in position to unlock your most ambitious goals and aspirations.

Marques Colston
Separation Playbook Founder