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Marques Colston

In the last 15+ years, I've overcome all types of perceived limitations to build sustained success in various roles in high-performance industries.

Creating Separation, a mindset and methodology built through my successes and failures, has become my durable competitive advantage. It has empowered me to reimagine and reposition my unique value proposition in any situation. It's also empowered me to consistently reinvent myself in order to achieve and sustain success along the way.

My hope is that you leverage the Separation Playbook to unlock new creativity and possibility in your journey.

Marques Colston sitting in a chair
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The [workshop] reassured me to stick with my conviction and to know my worth.

It helped me figure out how to incorporate my beliefs, values, and experience throughout life into my business

Honestly, it reminded me of Who I am and what I still have to offer this world -- a new world that I get to create for myself.


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