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Over the last 3 years, I've worked with corporate clients as an executive coach. Much of my work was to help clients optimize their work performance in the short term. To support clients, I leaned on personal insights and strategies from my journey through sports and entrepreneurship to guide clients in building a pathway to performance.

Often times there was a long-term decision looming in the backdrop -- a decision that shapes what performance means in a much larger context:

  • Am I prepared to make the tradeoffs necessary to reach for the next rung on the ladder?
  • Is ladder leaning against the wrong wall?

Instead of staying focused on the short-term, we dove into those questions.

For many, it was a new perspective and approach. I didn't come from 'corporate,' I came from sports and entrepreneurship. So my perspective was one that intentionally blurred the neatly defined lines between personal and professional. I took a holistic approach towards building success that aligned short term performance with long-term personal goals and aspirations.

The work was effective for clients and fulfilling on a personal level. But the impact felt limited to goals and timeframes dictated by corporate decision makers. At times it felt like I was trying to squeeze authentic growth into rigid time frames. And when time ran out, I couldn't help but feel like I was leaving clients hanging.

That's when I decided to shift my focus to wanted to work with clients directly. Working through organizations didn't align with the value I was best positioned to deliver. When I looked around, there weren't many solutions doing the same for athletes and entrepreneurs.

I asked myself, how can I best support individual athletes, entrepreneurs, and business leaders with the executive coaching experience and skillset I am building?

Supporting athletes, entrepreneurs, and business leaders

Athletes, entrepreneurs, and business leaders face similar decisions in their journey, constantly juggling roles as life comes at you in waves of unpredictability. The challenges are daunting, the decisions tough, and the path is always evolving. Often times, you're juggling the intersection of your personal and business life, trying to build systems and routines to perform at levels that help you outdo the competition.

Yes, there are speciality coaches to help you build specific areas and domains of your life -- mindset, finance, business, etc. But who is helping you connect these pieces into a cohesive plan to achieve YOUR vision?
I created Separation Playbook to help you connect the key areas of your life in order to build a holistic vision for success that is more than the sum of your titles and labels.

It distills my personal coaching processes, methodologies, and tools into a platform with a simple core philosophy -- provide accessible, relevant, powerful strategies, and insights to unlock creativity and new possibility on your journey.
Rise above the noise, make sense of the chaos, and operate at a level that sets you apart.
Create Separation is a Mindset™️


Unlock creativity and new possibility that leads to your vision

Separation Playbook is more than a set of tools; it's a catalyst for change. We enable you to step out of the shadows, guiding you from the passenger seat to the driver's seat of your journey. We aim to unlock your untapped potential, ignite your creative prowess, and help you carve a path that leads to fulfillment and legacy building.

Redefine success

Break free from conventional molds. Shift your perspective, envision new possibilities, and embrace the journey of growth

Strategize for victory

Our tailored frameworks meet you at your point of need and use dynamic strategies to propel you toward your vision

Build a legacy of excellence

Craft a roadmap that uses  strategic goal setting + self-discovery to align your actions with your long-term legacy

Marques Colston - the visionary behind Separation Playbook

Marques' story is one of relentless perseverance and redefined success. His ability to ‘Create Separation’ is the driving force behind his seemingly unattainable success as an NFL Legend, owner, partner, consultant, and strategic advisor to dozens of businesses, from startups to Fortune 100 corporations.

Separation Playbook is an extension of his personal mission to empower athletes, entrepreneurs, and business leaders who possess talent and ambition but need guidance to navigate their path to success.


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