Tools and strategies to build sustainable professional success

Separation Playbook is a professional enrichment platform to help corporate leaders, athletes, and entrepreneurs unlock their unique value proposition as a catalyst to drive professional success. 

Our tools, resources, systems, and systems are designed to assist you in positioning yourself for success that the world tells you is out of reach.

Shift your thinking and approach

Discover new and untapped opportunities outside of the box you've been put in.

Activate dynamic strategies

Build a gameplan with dynamic goals and process that align with your vision for success.

Achieve sustainable success

Build a progressive roadmap that aligns today's activities and goals with tomorrow's legacy.

About Marques

Creating Separation is the MindsetTM and methodology that has propelled me reach to personal and professional accomplishments that once looked unattainable.

It is the paradigm shift that fueled my journey from undervalued prospect to record-breaking NFL legend.

And over the past 15+ years, it has been my durable competitive advantage working with dozens of businesses and organizations as an owner, partner, investor, executive, or advisor.

Separation Playbook is an opportunity to support other undervalued and underestimated business leaders, athletes, and professionals who have ambition, but lack a clear path forward. My hope is that the mental models, processes, tools, and strategies help you create separation that unlocks success for generations to come.


Bridge today's realities with tomorrow's vision

Are you on the cusp of a significant professional transition or decision? There's an uneasiness that comes with knowing there's more out there, but you don't quite know how to attain it. 

Separation Playbook is your guide to developing processes and strategies for unleashing creativity and creating new value in order to build success that leads to legacy.


Discover the winning plays for success.

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