Unlock your vision of success with actionable tools and strategies.

Dynamic coaching strategies and tools designed to athletes, entrepreneurs, and business leaders unlock personal innovation that becomes sustainable business success.

I’m Marques Colston — I help athletes, entrepreneurs, and business leaders unlock personal innovation that leads to sustained business success.

Spending 10 years as an NFL wide receiver and 15+ years as an entrepreneur, partner, and consultant across various industries, my business journey is anything but linear.

Every new role and level demanded something different. To find my competitive edge in each role, I relied on a process that was integral to my playing career: Self Scouting. It was a strategic goal setting process I developed to identify and invest in personal growth and innovation needed to perform at my internal standard each role.

As Self Scouting evolved it became the cornerstone of my work as an executive coach and consultant. But, the corporate constraints often made coaching too narrow; it was all about work output.

The vision of success you're chasing requires a more holistic approach.

That's why I created Separation Playbook; to deliver holistic coaching and support to groups who need it the most: athletes, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.



Tools to build success on your own terms

Whether you're transitioning to new profession, looking to scale your business to new heights, or looking for a career breakthrough, Separation Playbook is your strategic partner in the journey.

Our tools and proven strategies are designed to help you unlock creativity and new possibility to challenge the status quo and build sustainable business success.

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