Paradigm Shift

Start Playing Big to Own Full Your Potential

Mar 16, 2024

How many times have you found yourself downplaying your desires, dreams, or abilities?

Your environment is trying to convince you the status quo is enough.

Is it?

The reality is, many of us are guilty of settling for a lower bar. The status quo has a strong magnetic pull; it's whispers keep telling you that your current success is enough, that big dreams are unnecessary risks. It's much safer to play it close to vest.

When we choose to 'play small', we're choosing to invest in changing the perception of us, rather than investing in changing our position.

We find ourselves accepting less than our worth, showing up as a fraction of our potential.

The time and energy we invest depletes our reserves, but it doesn't move us forward. We're investing time and energy to chip away at our own value, wondering why we're not moving forward.

This type of internal conflict creates a dissonance that's hard to reconcile, and impossible to ignore.

I know all too well -- I’ve been there too.

Recognizing internal conflict

When I started my journey as an entrepreneur, it was a new world. I approached it with humility, because I knew there was a lot to learn.

You can't rock the proverbial boat until you're ready, right?

My internal dialogue kept whispering 'you're not qualified', and 'you need to figure out how to match experiences and resumes with the people you're competing against for opportunities.'

I constantly found myself downplaying my ambitions because I perceived others as more experienced, more skilled.

Feeling inadequate wasn't a new feeling -- it was actually a weird comfort zone. When you're used to fighting uphill battles, there is a peace in chipping away at what others tell you isn't possible.

I stayed in constant motion that felt like progress, always looking to up skill to learn exactly what others knew so that I could compete. There was always a new task or new skill that felt urgent to learn before I could unlock my full potential.

But, in hindsight, I was actively investing in staying still. The more I worked to 'catch up, ' the more I was helping to keep the status quo intact.

The real challenge was this belief wasn't just limiting -- it was an inaccurate reflection of my capabilities. And getting too comfortable with this belief went against the foundation my success was built on.

Being comfortable and playing small wasn't a part of my DNA in my former chapter as an athlete. So, why now?

Repurposing past success

If my journey as a professional athlete and entrepreneur taught me anything, it's that hiding behind limiting mindsets will keep you from becoming the game changer you're meant to be.

If I would've accepted the hand I was dealt as a late 7th round pick, it was a recipe for a short, forgettable career. The status quo for that draft position out was a one way ticket out of the league.

The odds were clear, and they weren't in my favor. I simply wasn't supposed to make it, let alone do anything of significance in the league.

Regardless of the outside perceptions of my inadequacy, my vision and purpose to disrupt were stronger. I wasn't naive enough to believe that my game had no flaws; I just believed enough in my vision and ability to adapt and evolve.

Ten years later, I retired as a Top 50 player all-time in my position, holding most of the significant all-time records for my team.

Tracing the arc of my journey and success, every significant touchdown, every electric play I was a part of, was born out of this decision; an unyielding desire to change the status quo - to disrupt, push boundaries, and challenge my own capabilities.

When we choose to 'play big' we choose to invest in ourselves in ways that allow us to rise to the occasion and become the game-changer you're meant to be.

Strong conviction and self awareness, combined with an unshakable belief in your vision unlock innovation and intangibles that can offsets skills and experience.

Conviction empowers you to 'play big.'

This journey is not about competing against others; it's about challenging ourselves to constantly improve. And that's what playing big is all about - pushing past limits, daring to be great, and creating our own success on our own terms.

Trying to fit yourself into a box, no matter how glittering it may seem, often means working against our true nature. You're investing valuable energy that doesn't align with where you're going.

Our goals, our dreams, our definitions of success are our own. They're a product of our personal experiences. Clearly define it and make it your guidepost.

Once it's clear, you can build the conviction that doesn't allow the fear of judgment or the need for validation to dictate our choices.

Remember, you've invested in yourself to get where you are today. Why stop now?

Every day is an opportunity to redefine your life and live your truth. It's an opportunitiy to ditch the comfortable and safe, and become who you are meant to be.

That doesn't come with playing small.

It comes from understanding your value, leveraging your unique qualities, and having the courage to fully own who you are. It comes from the swell of pride that accompanies every new level you unlock, every successful venture, and the fulfillment that comes with building a legacy you'll be proud of.

Here’s my challenge to you - stop playing small. Embrace your full potential.

Set your own bar and define your own success. Take the governor off and go chase it down.

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